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Classes are ongoing; there is no start and stop date


The Tulsa Art Center is a comprehensive art-centered educational community where some of Tulsa’s finest artists inspire students of beginning levels and all ages to achieve their creative goals.

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Location: 6808 S Memorial Dr, Ste 236, Tulsa, OK 74133

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SPRING ART  CAMP 2017  MARCH 13-17  1-4 PM  Ages 7-12

Spend a fun week with us learning about painting, colors, sculpting and much more.  Our afternoons are filled with fun projects designed to keep the imagination active and challenged.

Cost is $250 for 1 week or $55.00 per single day. All supplies provided.  Children will need to bring a drink and a snack.



Applying color wheel principles. Know what colors to put together is an essential component of a good work of art. Lesson 1 consists of the following exercises.

1-2pm     Student will learn how to mix primary colors to make diverse color combinations while making their own color wheel.


 2-3pm      Explore how different objacts and additions give a different texture to art work. We will be making a fun abstract water color picture by using salt, rice, oatmeal, sponges and plastic wrap.

3-4pm      It’s time to put our new learned knowledge to work. Student will paint a landscape using colors and techniques we have learned.

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Cartooning and Superheroes

Level: All Levels
Instructor: Basil Barret
SATURDAY 10am for ages 8-12,   Classes are on going; there is not start and stop date
Cost: $205.00 8 WEEKS

In this class, the student will learn important aspects of drawing such as contour drawing, shading techniques, and drawing by observation of  shapes and forms while drawing what the love to draw the most.  This fun class will teach the child how to form characters, give them expressions and set them into action. Soon they will be able to create their own story board. One of our most popular classes. REGISTER NOW

Calligraphy for Beginners March 14 at 6:30  $205.00 4 weeks includes all supplies

Our long awaited Calligraphy class featuring Copperplate Calligraphy and modern Calligraphy is back. Join us as we learn the intricacies of this beautiful writing in a four week course. Class fee includes supplies. REGISTER NOW.





mANGA ANIME CLASSESThis class is so extremely popular we have had to open two more evenings to accommodate our students and be able to give more one on one attention. We are now offering the digital class on Wednesdays and traditional drawing on Fridays.  Come learn the art of Manga. Our instructor will teach you how to draw characters, emotions, and action.  The digital class will teach the same concepts and the use of Adobe Photoshop. You will need a Waycom as a drawing pad and lap top for the digital class. All classes start at 6:30. $205.00



Thursday, 1-4 pm, $205

 portrait painting, portrait, watercolor portrait, oil portraits

Learn the art of capturing your loved one's images by applying shadows, values and color. Evelyn will teach how to draw the image as well as the basics of portrait making.

A live model will be used in the class, but you will easily be able to use the techniques to draw your own portraits from photograpsh.  Oil painting, acrylic and watercolor are acceptable medias in this class. There will be a weekly $10 fee for the model.  Classes are kept small to allow personal instruction.

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Learn to Draw   Ages 12 -15  Saturdays 12:30-2:30 pm  REGISTER NOW

Every child is an artist. They paint with their brains instead of their hands. The students in this class will be introduced to traditional drawing techniques by practicing line, shading, proportion and composition. The goal is to establish a higher skill set through these observational techniques. In addition, the students will be encouraged to nurture their own independent style by way of long term projects. Occasional group activities will allow for shared creativity opportunities. . This class is one of the finest drawing classes in Tulsa and will increase your child's confidence as they advance in drawing skills. Ages 12-15. Class is ongoing, register at any time.


learn to draw 


Learn to Draw with Graphite, Mondays 6:30 pm; Ages 14 and up

During an 8-week course where Creativity is encouraged, Ken Brown Pioneer, Award-winning Artist, will teach pencil techniques to make simple and advanced drawings more realistic.  Enjoy drawing again as you learn how to add texture to your work while creating depth & dimension.  Students will learn to draw from memory, observation and imagination. Here you will also learn about Horizons, Perspective and ways to use Reference Photos. Throughout this class, tips on composition will be shared along with how to engage viewers with your artwork.

8 wks, $205.00.  REGISTER NOW

Art mix for Kids. AGES 8-12  Thursdays 5:30-6:30
Art Mix is a fun and exciting class that focuses on a variety of mediums. In this class, we encourage the students creativity by introducing them to different art techniques. Students will learn about texture and pattern painting with watercolor , acrylics, pastels and an assortment of other medias and projects. This is a fun and exciting class that allow your child to explore their creativity like never before! Tuesdays 5:30-6:30;  $205 for 8 weeks, includes all supplies! REGISTER NOW!

homeschoolHomeschool  Mondays, ages 5-9, 10 am to 12 pm. Wednesday ages 10-16  1 pm- 3 pm.  (Siblings can attend same class if needed regardless of age however, skill levels will need to be considered.) $240 for 8 weeks, includes supplies. Classes are ongoing, there is no start and stop dates until summer.

Our school promotes creativity and enables students to acquire the technical skills required for them to utilize their unique visions in the production of original drawings, designs and paintings. The classroom environment will encourage individual creativity as well as respect for and understanding of the works of their fellow students and professional artists. Many types of art and art media will be used giving the student and overall exploration of art. 


Preschool Arts and Crafts  Wednesday, 11-12:00 Ages 3-5

Art is an important factor in the development of little minds. Art has been proven to improve motor skills, language development and decision making. Kids love to try new ideas. This is an opportunity to let their creativity blossom.We will instruct little ones on how to make fun projects they will be proud of.  $125 for 4 weeks; all supplies included.