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The Tulsa Art Center is a comprehensive art-centered educational community where some of Tulsa’s finest professionals inspire students of all skill levels and ages to achieve their creative goals.

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Location: 6808 S Memorial Dr, Ste 236, Tulsa, OK 74133

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Make us your new Friday night outing. Grab a friend (s) anyone over 12 , bring your snacks and we provide you with non-alcoholic drinks while we instruct you on how to complete a fabulous work of art to take home. No more excuses for blank walls! We will have a new painting every Friday that is beginner friendly but can be tailored to those with a little more experience. Find a new talent and we will even help you develop it further by offering $10 tuition off on our regular classes. Crazy for Canvas is also available for private parties and birthdays during the weekends.


 January 9

Cherry Blossoms


$40 / 6:30 pm


 January 16

Flower Vase

$40 / 6:30 pm


 January 23

Looking up

$40 / 6:30 pm


January 30


$40 / 6:30 pm


Tuscany Chipped Plaster

 Learn how to incorporate a touch of Italy to any home or business in a four week course. You will be instructed how to sculpt the faux brick with trowels. During the drying process as layer by layer is applied lasting color over all white surfaces will begin to have the romantic appearance of brick  built within the home. This wonderful technique will have one wondering if the brick has been there all along. This class follows the Golden Gate class.  Course cost $150. Starting Monday evenings at 6:30 Feb. 9 and Thursday mornings at 10 am, Feb. 12. Supply list will be emailed upon registration. REGISTER NOW.

Intermediate Photography! Wednesdays 6:30pm 8 weeks. Starts February 18

This class will cover more advanced techniques of the many topics within digital photography; including digital cameras, gear, lighting, the digital laboratory, close-up, landscape, travel and building photography, as well as photographing people to name a few. If you have a basic knowledge of your camera, dont miss the opportunity to advance to the next level of photography.  REGISTER NOW

New Year Special! 4 weeks for $90

TAC is offering the 4 week course in Experimenting with Color for Journaling for $90. This class begins Monday, January 19 and will show you the various looks you can achieve with the use of watercolor, Inktense pencils, Prismacolor Pencils, Gelatos, pastels and dye markers to name a few. Look at these beautiful samples and imagine the fun and possibilities! Great class for teens and moms. We supply the colors and you bring your watercolor journal. REGISTER NOW



Knitting 101, Saturdays 1 pm begins January 10

What a nice way to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon, listening to music and knitting warm items for your loved ones. During this 8 week course, You will learn the basic knit stitch to make a deliciously warm scarf and progress to reading patterns, seed stitch and cable stitches. You will also learn how to piece the projects together for a beautiful finish. Projects will include scarf, triangle shawl, blanket, hat and cowls. REGISTER NOW!

 The Garden Gate, Faux Finishing with Mixed Media.

In this  four week course, you will learn how to work with effects of old world patina finishes using paint and
spray activators to achieve the look of rust and drippings on a signature canvas design. No two designs will be alike.
Join us in this fascinating class.
Monday, January 12, 6:30 pm or morning class on Thursdays 10 am Beginning January 15. Course costs $150 for 4 weeks. Supply list to be emailed after class registration. REGISTER NOW.


Cartooning with Dayne Dudley

Young and old will love this fun class. Dayne is the “master cartoonist” and will teach kids of all ages how to form characters from shapes and give them a personality to create story boards. Students will progress to the use of Prismacolor pencils. REGISTER NOW.

Calligraphy for Beginners January 6- 27. 6:30  $150.00

Our long awaited Calligraphy class featuring Copperplate Calligraphy is back. Join us as we learn the intricacies of this beautiful writing. REGISTER NOW.


Painting with Acrylic Ink! Tuesdays at 6:30, Marsha Hill

This super easy super fun 8 week course will give you hours of relaxed enjoyment. The course will teach the use and materials of acrylic ink painting. Acrylic ink is a multidimensional and versitile media. It does not fade and you can use it in combination with graphite pencils, ink pencils, colored pencils. It thins with water and cleans up with water. It is fast drying and u-v stable. Colors can be created by mixing, and it goes a long way. You can use a variety of tools to apply  different creative effects. brushes, pen staffs, technical pens, sponges, paper towels, all work.You can do fine artwork pieces or technical art work. All are suitable for reproducing with giclees prints or other print media. REGISTER NOW

abstract art classLearn Abstract in 4 Weeks, Begins January 20 6:30pm

Learn the basics of composing an abstract painting. Learn, color, texture and composition are important aspects of painting in an abstract style. In this special 4 week course you can start your exploration into this wonderful art style. Bring your acrylic paints of color choice and your favorite canvas size. Class meets once a week on Tuesdays from 6:30-9 pm $150.00. REGISTER NOW




EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COLOR PENCILS Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10 am, Tuesdays 6:30 pm

In this amazing class we will teach you how to use Prismacolor pencils to achieve beautiful realistic  and artistic results. Turn a plain picture into a real work of art by learning how to add, blend and shade with layers of color.  No clean up of paint mess, just a relaxing time among new friends. All levels are welcomed. REGISTER NOW