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Classes are ongoing; there is no start and stop date




Our guideline may be changed at anytime without notice to students or customers.


o    Full payment is required at the time of registration unless by special agreement. Class or workshop space is not reserved for a student until payment is received.  TAC will accept a limited payment plan with a stored credit card number or post dated check. $5.00 fee for each payment processed

  • Payments may be made by check, credit card or cash.
  • Returned checks there will be a $35 fee charged to students

o    NO pro-rating of Session pricing is allowed. Our Instructors allow for discounts to be passed on to students committing to a series of sequential classes which we call a “Session”.  Session pricing rewards students for taking a sequence of classes during a specified period of time.  We do not allow Students missing or scheduling to miss Session class(es), for any reason, to receive a pro-rated discount on the packaged Session class rates.  Session classes can only be used in sequence during that specified time period and do NOT carry over to any other Session.

o    Drop-In Class Pricing: Students may instead select to buy classes on an individual drop-in or single class rate for the specific number of classes during a single Session or over multiple Sessions. Drop-in or single rates are generally a higher per class rate then Session Pricing but afford students more flexibility in scheduling. Drop-In space is sold on a first come first serve basis and is on an “as space is available” basis. It is recommended that you schedule or call ahead. Supplies are not furnished.



o    The Cancelation Deadline for a pre-registered class or workshop to receive a refund is at least FIVE (5) Standard Business Days prior to the start date of the class or workshop.  Standard business days are considered to be Monday through Friday.  Therefore, if a class starts on Thursday, notice must be received by Friday of the week prior.

o    All Refunds requested prior to the Cancellation Deadline (stated above) are subject to a $25 processing fee

o    No Refunds will be made for part or all of the class value after the first class session or cancellation deadline date

o    Regularly scheduled ongoing classes missed by students can be made up if within two weeks after the end of the 8 week session. Special workshops and classes MAY NOT be made up. No refunds will be given for missed classes.

o    Classes canceled by the instructor, for any reason, will be re-scheduled at the instructor’s discretion.  Normal effort will be made to inform students of any make up schedule and the instructor will try to schedule make ups during the same session, if possible.  Normal reasons for instructors cancelling a class would be pre-scheduled events, weather conditions, family emergencies or instructor illness.

o    The instructor and TAC reserves the right to request students leave the class if students are being disruptive  or disorderly  without refunding the class or session.

o    Substitute Instructors, If needed, TAC reserves the right to use a qualified substitute instructor for any classes that the instructor may be required to miss. 

  • If a Session is cancelled by TAC and a substitute is not offered, students will receive a full refund for the unused portion of the Session. Classes taken will be charged at single class prices.
  • There are no refunds after the first class if student is not satisfied with the class for any reason. As a courtesy, every effort will be given to find a substitute class at no extra charge for remaining sessions.



o    Arrival time - Students should arrive no more than 10 minutes early for classes to allow the teacher set up time.

o    For Classes requiring a model, Students should arrive 15 minutes early to set up prior to model taking pose.  Once model is in session, we request late students to wait until the model takes a break to set up so as not to disrupt other artists.

o    TURN THEM OFF - ALL cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices that might disturb other artists should be turned off during class time.  If a call does interrupt painting time, please step out of the classroom if you decide to take the call.

o    Parents must escort students under the age of 16 to and from our facility.  Parents must stay with their children until the instructor is available to receive them. 

  • We do not allow unescorted minors to leave the facility during class time for any reason. 
  • We request notice if someone other then the guardian or parent is  dropping off or picking up students. 
  • Parents must provide a contact phone number for use during class time, as needed.
  • Parents are not allowed to stay in the classroom with their children during class time unless requested by the teacher
  • Children must be picked up on time.